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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Breeding made easy. With Fenocan® feminised CBD cannabis seeds, you can now grow beautiful and resinous buds yourself.
All our cannabis seeds come from Switzerland and guarantee CBD-rich cannabis plants with a THC content of less than 1%. Discover our wide selection now and grow your own high-quality weed with Fenocan®.

Besides feminised CBD seeds, you can also find high quality Swiss CBG seeds. All Fenocan® CBD and CBG seeds are 100% free from genetically modified organisms.

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The Fenocan® seeds in our Green Passion® online shop are also ISTA certified by the Agroscope Seed Quality Research Group. ISTA is the abbreviation for “International Seed Testing Association” and Agroscope is affiliated with the Federal Office for Agriculture.

For more information, you can read our FAQ at the bottom of the page.

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What makes Fenocan® a leading producer of CBD and CBG seeds?

As a group of companies and Europe’s leading manufacturer, we focus on the research and development of new, low-THC, resinous hemp varieties and the production of feminised hemp seeds.

The production of high-quality seeds has a long tradition in Switzerland. Fenocan® specialises in the research, breeding, feminisation and production of non-psychoactive seed varieties of the Cannabis sativa L. genus.
We use the most modern breeding methods in combination with innovative technologies for seed processing and treatment. Adherence to the highest possible standards of seed quality distinguishes us as a leading producer of feminised cannabis seeds.

What are feminised seeds?

Cannabis is a dioecious plant that produces male and female phenotypes. This means that cannabis growers with regular seeds each have about a 50% chance of obtaining a female plant. For flower production or cannabinoid extraction, only female plants are used in cannabis. As a result, growing hemp from regular seeds is not efficient for the aforementioned purposes. Fenocan® feminised seeds are the solution because more than 99% of the seeds in our online shop are female.

What makes Fenocan® seeds so special?

The cannabinoid content of cannabis plants is regulated by several genes and strongly influenced by the environment. In contrast, the composition of cannabinoid ratios is inherited. After many years of research and breeding, we have developed a number of resin-rich CBD- and CBG-dominant hemp varieties that are suitable for legal cultivation in many countries due to their very low THC contents.

What are the crucial aspects we focus on besides cannabinoids?

Besides cannabinoid profiles and yield enhancement, we also focus on many other fundamental traits in plant breeding, such as germination capacity, terpene profiles, trichome structure, root ability, and resistance to various diseases and other pathogens.

Is Fenocan® seed certified?

Our seed is always ISTA-certified by Agroscope’s Seed Quality Research Group. Agroscope is affiliated to the Federal Office for Agriculture. ISTA stands for “International Seed Testing Association”. All Fenocan® seed is 100% free of genetically modified organisms.


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